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A group show


Opening Reception

Friday, March 4
7 – 10 p.m.

Close of Show

Saturday, April 16
Noon – 3 p.m.

Artist Bios

Sri Kodakalla is a mixed-media artist and writer based in Charlottesville, Virginia, currently exploring fiber art and printmaking. Kodakalla works and volunteers in several local arts organizations, focused on serving the creative growth of BIPOC artists and youth. She is the co-director of the Feminist Union of Charlottesville Creatives and is a renting member of McGuffey Art Center. Her work has been shown in various exhibitions throughout the Charlottesville area, most notably at Second Street Gallery.

Her recent creative work explores symbols of identity and their relation to personal understandings of ownership (in claiming who we are, shaped by how we create meaning from the world around us). She uses non-linear storytelling to speak to the disparities of owning identity–often informed by her experience as a first generation immigrant. Her work of late expresses a reverence and abundant curiosity for the interconnection of human beings and the natural world. Her study of these relationships evokes a sense of mysticism in the seemingly mundane.

Madeleine Rhondeau-Rhodes is a painter based in Charlottesville, VA. She received Dual Degrees in Historic Preservation and Studio Art, with a minor in Urban Studies, from the University of Mary Washington. In 2018, Madeleine had her first-ever solo-exhibition at Second Street Gallery, entitled siren x silence. In 2019, Madeleine was accepted as one of two artists-in-residence at the Maple Terrace Residency headquartered in Bushwick, Brooklyn, which subsequently resulted in an invitation to exhibit her surrealist paintings at three consecutive group shows at the prestigious Booth Gallery | Last Rites Gallery in Manhattan, New York.

Madeleine’s work is deeply rooted in her own life experience, and heavily influenced by her memory, observations, and imagination. Her fantastical worlds, rich in symbolism, offer an alternative narrative to the image of women through explorations of self and identity and the mythology of fairies. In doing so, she pushes back against the pictorial and historical tradition of Surrealism and dismantles the perception of women as objects and muses opting instead to explore confessional themes infused with magic and folklore and the alchemization of experience and emotions into dark, thematic undertones.

Brielle DuFlon (she/her) spent the first 18 years of her life in Antigua, Guatemala, and identifies as a Third Culture Kid: a person caught between cultures and places. She uses texture to find and give peace. Her works are deeply cathartic to make and soothing for the viewer to inhabit. She is drawn to the way texture interacts with light, and can be both stimulating and serene.

Brielle currently lives and works in Charlottesville, VA.

Show Statement

In Windows, an exhibition of two- and three-dimensional work based on interpretations of the idea of “collage,” artists Brielle DuFlon, Sri Kodakalla, and Madeleine Rhondeau-Rhodes utilize three books featuring textiles, street photography, and architecture from the places that have respectively shaped them—Guatemala, India and Virginia.

In this exhibition, the artists share an impulse to create windows into their own worlds, constructing compositions that transport the viewer into the artists’ interior. Exploring themes of home, belonging, and place, Windows speaks to the artists’ commitment to drawing connections between their narratives, reflecting on not only their creative influences on each other, but also their support of one another in their artistic endeavors.

Windows asks the viewer to delve deeper into their own stories, allowing visitors to peer into the real, or imagined, worlds of the artists and interweave the relationships of their personal histories. This exhibition acknowledges the “alien” in all of us that longs for the intangible feeling of home, only derived through the connections we build with those around us.


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