March 2020

Vital Labor

Jessie Horning & Ben Yacavone



     Artist Bio: Jessie Horning

Jessie Horning lives in Columbus, OH, where she currently works as a lecturer and print shop technician. Horning earned her BFA in Printmaking from Kutztown University in 2011. She then worked as a Teaching Assistant of Printmaking at Bucknell University. Horning completed her MFA in Printmaking at The Ohio State University in 2017.
Horning is committed to utilizing printmaking practices that are sustainable for the health of the artist and the environment. Her interest in sustainability was sparked by her experience working at an organic garden where she became attuned to the complexity and fragility of organic ecological systems. Horning’s recent prints are made using sintra board, a non-toxic printmaking surface that is highly conducive to direct mark making.

     Artist Statement: Jessie Horning 

I use drawing and the printmaking processes to extract and translate intangible images frommy digital photo archives into the tangible materials of ink, graphite, and paper. In my work, paper functions as a collection space for marks inspired by the iconography of my personal photo archives, as well as the digital interfaces of  the computer screens that I navigate to access these images. My drawings reference imagery made by hand, camera, and computer, prompting the viewer to consider the type of image that is produced when visual elements from disparate types of viewing experiences exist within the same space.

     Artist Bio: Ben Yacavone

Ben Yacavone is a visual artist living and working in Milwaukee, WI. He earned his BA in Art Education from Hartwick College in 2014, and his MFA in sculpture from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2016. Yacavone works primarily in sculpture, using industrial building materials to explore the relationships between material, self-critique, and cultural perception of the industrial world.

     Artist Statement: Ben Yacavone

My work uses sculpture made from construction materials to explore the way society perceives the industrial and skilled labor/trades world, while also examining and self-critiquing the way I fall into that mix, if at all. I combine traditional woodworking techniques, textiles, and found objects, alongside industrial fabrication techniques to create my pieces.

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