States of Being

Karma Tashi Tsering, Iman Jabrah, Elle Northwood


Opening Reception

Friday, Feb. 3
7 – 10 p.m.

Close of Show

Friday, Feb. 24

Artist Bios

Karma Tashi Tsering. I am Tibetan and I grew up in Northern India. I currently reside in Columbus, Ohio. My art developed during the Pandemic. As my art has evolved, I have found ways to use my digital brushstroke to create increasingly complex layers of color, texture, and pattern. I am influenced by music, history, philosophy, mythology, and other artists. My art represents my state of being and expresses different aspects of my interpretation of culture, awareness, and connection.

Iman Jabrah. I continue to confirm and decipher my Palestinian-American identity, living a cross-bordered intersectional identity. My main focus is to shed light on the losses one cannot control, the fragments of these memories remain as a form of identity. My work is constantly attempting to break and overcome barriers and restrictions through art making and shared art projects with other women.

Elle Northwood. I am often fascinated by the humans’ use of symbolism and metaphors to describe how living feels. By taking the words we use to paint mental images in each other’s minds and taking it a step further to see how I think it would look materialized in front of me. It’s my way of connecting to the human experience without having to talk about my own or making assumptions about others. I put out a visual interpretation and everyone connects to it in their own way.

Show Statement

To be alive means feeling and experiencing. Whether your being is in awareness or detached. There is a universal language that connects us all through thoughts and emotions. This exhibition invites the viewer to explore three perspectives on what it means to inhabit different states of being through different lenses. Despite differences in backgrounds, we find similarities in understanding the world and the state of our consciousness.

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