Tan Body- Elle Northwood


This item is for the tan body piece shown in the top right corner of the product image.

Return Series 1 is about returning home to ourselves and our bodies. When working, I often reflected on what it had meant for me to feel safe and at home with myself and in my own body. I smoothed wet clay into a form that represented the neverending journey of returning to oneself. I made gestural figures, so as not to dictate who gets to see themselves within the piece by getting lost in specific features. I returned to repeat the process of pressing clay slabs over and over into a mold to create each new body. After trimming and firing, I wrote an intention and then painted a small reflection of the world we live in on the surfaces. As you stand here reading and looking, remember. We are not alone in some of the things that we go through as human beings that live in a world as we do. And now, what does it look or feel like for you to return to yourself or your own body?
Each piece- $75, $1800 for the entire series

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