Sam by Luka Weinberger


Sam, 2023
Luka Weinberger
Oil on titanium

Oil on titanium

This was the first piece in this new project, so I did a lot of exploration with texture and the visual language of shadow. This was expanded upon with “Elliott” three weeks later. Sam is a non-binary individual who uses they/he pronouns, but also feels perfectly content/housed within a 4XL AFAB body without top surgery or hormones. I intentionally chose the titanium surface because of its weight and solidity. The purples and blue are intentional choices: purple is one of the non-binary flag colors, and I wanted the culturally gendered blue mixed in to underscore their masculinity.

“I struggle sometimes with feeling “trans enough” especially being not a skinny androgynous person because that is so often what is represented as being non-binary…I have hips and I have big t*ts but it’s still a non-binary body because I am non-binary…”

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