Frankie by Luka Weinberger


Frankie, 2023
Luka Weinberger
Ballpoint pen and white gouache on cotton paper

Ballpoint pen with tattoo machine on cotton paper

Frankie is a non-binary person whom I’ve known since I moved here. They were terrified of piercings or tattoos because their parents threatened to take away support if they got any. However, it turned out that Frankie feels euphoria and gender alignment when they get tattooed and pierced, so I wanted to use a tattoo machine to create the piece. I went so far as to use a ballpoint pen taken from Evolved Body Art, the piercing and tattoo shop in which we both work.

“Trans means behaving/existing outside of a binary; it means performing a deep level of self-discovery and inward/introspective thinking. There’s art, beauty, and philosophy behind it.”

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