Elliott by Luka Weinberger


Elliott, 2023
Luka Weinberger
Oil on wood panel

Oil on panel

During our interview session, Elliott told me about his deep self work over the last few years and his desire for grounding: when you wrestle with your gender identity from a young age, there’s this schism. There’s what you intrinsically know, and there’s what you are being told by the entire world around you, including your guardians. So you hide truth in the place where we hide our most shameful pieces of ourselves. So I chose to portray the shadow mass and the atmosphere around him as a beautiful, colorful, miasma that is slowly bleeding through and crossing over to the observable person he shares with the world.

“My identity is fluid. I am open to changes that may occur as I learn more about myself and my soul. I think all of our souls are still developing and change is a natural part of our life progression.”

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