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Opening Reception

Monday, September 5
6 – 10 p.m.

Artist Bio

Palomino Beige is an industrial paint color used to paint over graffiti in an attempt to revert to an unaltered visual state. However, once laid atop, the color offers a new space for creativity. PALOMINO P97 is a creative entity using these graffiti roots to explore a freeform style and communicate positive self expression. Through this outlet, we can help build community through storytelling, develop new styles, expand personal consciousness, and collectively cultivate a brighter future.


Show Statement

PALOMINO is a Latinx Dreamer who was born in the Mexican state of Colima and raised in the Mid-City neighborhood of LA. At the age of 14, he was arrested for vandalism. Under probation, he participated in community service and a teen violence prevention program where he focused on self expression and explored art and design outside of graffiti. Consequently, PALOMINO now focuses on responsibly practicing his graffiti roots through drawing, painting, screen printing, and graffiks. Despite his influences of skateboarding, punk culture, and graffiti being called into question by two fine art institutions which lead to dropping out, he persisted with his creative vision through freelance, e-commerce, and eventually coffee. PALOMINO now resides in CBUS with his wife as she pursues her doctorate degree while he works at Parable Coffee and begins to resurface a creative career.

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