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May 2024


Lorena Crus Santiago + Brock Oakley Ailes
Marsha Mack
Ronald Claxton

Opening Reception
Saturday, May 18
4 – 10 p.m.

Closing Reception
Saturday, June 8
12 – 3 p.m.

About the Artists

Lorena Cruz Santiago Using Facetime as a medium, Cruz Santiago, who is based in Detroit, Michigan collaborates
with her parents to make video work and photographs of their garden in Northern California. This collaboration comes from a desire to include her parents in her process instead of making them subjects of her work. Photography has appeared in her family history as a tool of oppression, meant to distinguish her family as foreigners via bureaucratic identification cards, and her work aims to put the camera into their hands.

Brock Oakley Ailes Hidden in cupboards under the sink K-mart bags and yellowed Tupperware preserve mold. Pissed my name in the snow. Golden Arch Eulogy. Dried Elastic and the powers out, I’ll have nothing to wear when nailed to the dogwoods on the front lawn. An icicle magnifying glass hanging from sun bleached nylon, burning discount patriots like the last Pall Mall. Lancaster Rotary Club; beef, eggs, bread, saltine crackers, salt. A lucky horseshoe hanging above the uninsured. ODJFS provided a fair view just before noon Sunday, but tonight the River Valley seems more of a drip than a trickle even though my feet are blue



Marsha Mack holds an MFA in Ceramics and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Women’s and Gender Studies from Syracuse University, and a BFA in Ceramics from San Francisco State University. Working primarily in ceramic and found objects, Marsha’s artistic practice blurs the line between sculpture and grocery shopping. Her ongoing interest in cultural consumption and the formation of identity serves as wellspring for embellished objects and installations that play to the subconscious, honoring playfulness and introspection as equals.

Venus in the Asian Grocery Store is an interactive art exhibition and community pantry. This hybrid exhibition features ceramic sculpture installed with commercial grocery store shelving, fully stocked with nostalgic imported Asian candies and goods to be distributed to the public free of cost.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a full gallery of photos from this exhibition.


Sad Venus in the Asian Grocery Store by Marsha Mack at 934

If you are interested in purchasing a piece by Marsha Mack, please email us at 934gallery @ 934gallery . org 

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