July 2021


An exhibition of true public art

Drew Pictures, Clint Davidson, Aaron Whisner, Justin Withrow, Stephen Horvath

Opening Reception

Friday, July 2
7-10:00 p.m. 

Close of Show

Saturday, July 24, 12-3p

Artist Bios

Aaron Whisner is a multidisciplinary artist best known for his large-scale murals and installations. A native of Oklahoma, Aaron is co-founder of Clean Hands Inc., a Tulsa based design crew and streetwear supplier. Aaron has been actively painting since the mid 90’s. With roots in graffiti and street art scenes. His inspiration is drawn from hand painted signage, street textures, and type. Bold use of imagery and technique is used to capture public attention while maintaining balance with surrounding environments. With each installation progression is the goal.

Steve Horvath is a Columbus, Ohio, based mural artist, with his roots extending from Toledo, Ohio. Throughout his life, art has been a place to escape, relax, practice, and build relationships. As a college student studying zoology, and later veterinary medicine, he took a few formal art classes, though he credits the majority of his artistic learning and ability to his involvement in the graffiti scene and observation of other artists, nature, and the local environment. In his art, he likes to explore and intermingle these influences boldly on as large of scale as possible. He focuses on use of shadows, shading, and color to create the illusion of depth and dimension, allowing the imagery to “pop off” of the flat surface. His general intention is to unapologetically transform a boring surface into an eye-catching and appealing space for the audience to explore, wander, enjoy, and be inspired.

Clint Davidson is a painter and muralist living and working in Columbus, Ohio, graduating from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2000. His current work focuses on the use of typography in non traditional ways along with selected illustrative elements. His work is informed by vintage typography and poster illustration as well as street textures and graffiti. The use of stylized images and vibrant color remain a constant in his work which is decorative, non objective, and often made with a reactionary process. Clint has been awarded multiple grants from the Greater Columbus Arts Council and donated work to the James Cancer Hospital and Columbus Arts Ball which benefits the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio. His work has been featured in Columbus Alive and on the cover of 614 Magazine.

Drew Pictures has been writing graffiti for 21 years, making him a resident “old fool” to the local youths of the subculture. “I have a lengthy list of graffiti credentials, including; unnecessarily aggressive online persona✅ anime profile pic✅ never tagged a church✅ respect rails bro✅ MANY gortex jackets✅. (Jokes).” For a long time, despite being a trained artist, Drew chose to only pursue graffiti. In recent years, he has branched out and explored other avenues of communication in an endless effort to provoke thought. Drew works for an Environmental Design company, Flat Black Commercial Visuals, and has been blessed with the opportunity to use his skills in conjunction with his coworkers’ to bring awesome custom artworks to clients. He draws inspiration from the communities that support him and the things he creates: his wife and children; nature; technology; 20th century typefaces; urban decay; the American railroad; cartoons and anime; and arcade fighting games.

Show Statement

Inside Out seeks to elevate street art to a higher level, by taking work that one might view outside on the side of a train or on an abandoned building, and bringing it inside to gallery walls. Even though it’s clear to see the huge influence that graffiti has on the public art space, the art form isn’t represented within the walls of a typical gallery. Curator Josh Miller hopes to open the eyes of the art world with Inside Out.

“My hope is that the viewers will get a closer look at this thing that we call graffiti. Aside from the random abandoned building, it isn’t every day that you get the chance to see detailed pieces up close. Usually, we have only a few seconds to see a piece passing by on a train car or driving by a building that we see from the highway.” Miller says there is opportunity for our city to appreciate the level of skill that these artists bring to every surface they paint on.

“I hope that this show can help people see the beauty in every layer of paint that’s put onto the walls of the gallery. This is true public art. Not-for-profit and usually created at a risk to the artist. All for the sake of creating something fresh for the viewer to see and admire.”

Viewers will be introduced to 5 artists that highlight different styles and different lifestyles that graffiti writers live. The once white walls of a traditional gallery will become the canvas for Inside Out.



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