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December 2023


In Transition: Untethered

Heidi Clifford, aka Primary Child


Opening Reception
Friday, December 1
7 – 10 p.m.

Closing Reception
Saturday, December 16
6-10 p.m.

Show Statement

In Transition: Untethered offers a unique interactive experience to be enveloped in an art installation. For this show, a site-specific installation has been planned that will fill the walls of the gallery with 3D tissue paper works, and create an environment to be experienced. The work feels floral, abstract, and playful, and can be interacted with, gently. The fragility of the material – tissue paper – adds a layer of mindfulness to viewers so that they may interact with the work but only so much that future audiences may see it, too.

About the Artist

Heidi Clifford, aka Primary Child, is a Columbus, Ohio-based artist with a passion for color and art stemming from her childhood in Canton, Ohio. Her artistic journey began with painting and drawing, influenced by Fauvism and Post-Impressionism. Her fascination with expressive mark-making and depicting hands led to a senior thesis on the relationship between hands and emotions. She also honed her skills in color theory through portraiture. After attending Columbus College of Art & Design, Heidi earned her BFA in Advertising & Graphic Design in 2018. She has since become a muralist, installation artist, and designer. In 2020, she became a full-time artist, specializing in fine art and large-scale tissue paper installations, often centered around flowers. Heidi’s work explores diverse media and creates a dialogue between them, with a studio in Franklinton, Columbus, Ohio. She actively seeks opportunities both locally and nationally.

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