Jen Wrubles

MARCH 2024



Curated by Lexie Holliday & Luka Weinberger
Presented by Hilltop Arts Collective


934 at CMH
Concourse B

On view through May 6th



ABOUT Hilltop Arts Collective

Hilltop Arts Collective empowers the Hilltop community through arts and culture.

The Organization
Hilltop Arts Collective is a nonprofit arts organization focused on bringing art to, and promoting the arts within the Hilltop. We do so with the belief that the arts can improve the quality of life for residents, and that everyone is entitled to beauty and art regardless of income or address.

HAC is a community-based, all-volunteer team comprised of Hilltop residents and those with strong ties to the Hilltop.

HAC’s major programs include Summer Jam West, our annual arts & music festival; For the Common Good, where we commission permanent, public art; and ARtsway, a mural mentorship program with high school students, though that’s far from everything we do!

If you’re local, you may recall Summer Jam West, the organization behind the community arts & music festival of the same name. That organization is now the Hilltop Arts Collective. Summer Jam West will continue to be the name of our annual arts and music festival, held on the second Saturday in July.

Represented artists in Hilltop Strong:

Andrew Thompson
Faith Sutton
Joey Knuckles
Justin Withrow
Karin Weston
Khaila Carr
Lexie Holliday
Luka Weinberger
Morgan DeBoth
Sarah Hout
Twyana Davis
Vince Nobel

Work is available direct through the artists.

Show Statement


The Greater Hilltop is one of the largest areas in Columbus. Westside strong, we are filled with historic streets, authentic multicultural restaurants, shops, parks, diverse neighborhoods, friendly faces, and best of all, art. We are a creative community of artists of all disciplines and backgrounds: comic illustrators; graphic designers; art teachers; textile artists; muralists; tattooers; and everything in between.  

What’s a day like in the Hilltop? Start with a sugar cookie latte at Thirdway Coffeehouse, where everyone is part of the community conversation. Hang outside and look at the multiple murals at the corner of Broad & Westmoor. Walk to the back of the coffeehouse and check out the books in the outdoor children’s library.  

If it’s nice out, walk to the historic Camp Chase trailhead, part of a shared-use trail that extends from Cincinnati to Cleveland. Hop down West Broad and enjoy a jerk chicken burrito at Ava’s Taste of the Caribbean for lunch. Check out more public art down the street and then shop for albums at The Kutt Records.

Take a stroll through Westgate Park’s 46 acres, with basketball and tennis courts, beautiful garden beds, a pond, recreation center, and more. Then step inside Lookout Supply to pick up spray paint and other art supplies, see their indoor art gallery, and create your own street art on their free outdoor gallery walls. When you are done, grab a taco right outside at the Casa Karmelita’s pop-up, or check out one of the many excellent food trucks dotted around the westside. We are the authentic taco capital of Columbus!

Our annual community events include Summer Jam West community arts festival, the Hilltop Bean Dinner, the Westgate Home & Garden Tour, the Hilltop Spring Jamboree, the Westgate Farmer’s Market, and Songs on Sullivant.

We are here to show you that beauty, culture, and great experiences can be found on the road less traveled. If you love public art, food, coffee, cute walks in the park, and positive energy through every door, come see us! We would love to meet you and welcome you like one of our own.

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