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November 2023


Hills and Hollows

Klaire Smith, Cory Mahoney, Douglas Fordyce, and Meryl Engler


Opening Reception
Friday, November 3
7 – 10 p.m.

Closing Reception
Saturday, November 18
12 – 3 p.m.

Show Statement

Hills and Hollows
works by Klaire Smith, Cory Mahoney, Doug Fordyce, and Meryl Engler.

In Hills and Hollows, artists Klaire Smith, Cory Mahoney, Doug Fordyce, and Meryl Engler delve into issues of forming and claiming identity. The diverse media and materials, including large-scale woodcut prints, ceramic chairs, and paintings, emphasize the physicality of the work and the processes behind it. In looking at our place in the built and natural environment and the cyclical seasons of growth and decay, each artist gives their perspective on nostalgia, reality, the future, and ultimately, our journey through life.

About the Artists

Klaire Smith was born and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Having grown up in Portsmouth, Ohio – a place that has been labeled as part of “ground zero” for the ongoing opioid epidemic – this reality greatly influences her work. Their current body of work, titled “Oh, Appalachia,” raises questions and makes gestures towards the looming, dark corruption of a region that much of the country has all but rejected. Klaire received a BFA from the University of Rio Grande and became a professional printer through the Tamarind Institute. Their practice centers around woodblock printing, social commentary, and collaboration. Currently, Klaire works out of Columbus, Ohio, with her wife and two dachshunds.

Cory Mahoney is a sculptural artist primarily working with ceramic processes. Based in Columbus OH, he is a cofounder of Dream Clinic Project Space and has participated in exhibitions and residencies across North America. Originally from Southern California, he received his MFA in Ceramics from Alfred University in 2018 and his BFA in Ceramics from California State University Long Beach in 2015. He is currently a Lecturer of Ceramics in the Art Department at The Ohio State University.

About the Artists cont.

Douglas Fordyce is an accomplished fine artist and graphic designer working in Columbus Ohio. Douglas received a BFA in Painting & Drawing from The Ohio State University in 1997. Since Graduation, Douglas has worked as a Fine Artist, Gallery Owner, mentor and as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, focusing mainly on small business identities. Douglas has also illustrated both Children’s Books, as well as Graphic Novels.

In his newest series, Douglas is exploring timelines, specifically the relationship of childhood and death, While the Skulls represent the finality of life, The Mouse ears (a nod to Mickey Mouse) shows the beginning of one’s journey. The use of bright cheerful colors are to show that all of life, even death, should be approached with excitement and happiness.

Meryl Engler grew up in Huntington Beach, California and moved to Akron, Ohio fall 2019. Meryl attended Syracuse University where she studied sculpture, printmaking, religious studies and history, while also competing on the women’s rowing team. Next she went to graduate school at University of Nebraska-Lincoln for studio art with an emphasis in printmaking. This is where she developed her love of colorful woodcut prints, often using pattern and repetition. She is inspired by hidden landscapes in our environment and the relationships we form to it and each other. She has shown both nationally and internationally. Meryl seeks to push the limits of printmaking and combine different art mediums in new and exciting ways.


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