Jen Wrubles

February 2024


Deliver Black Dreams: We Make The Future

Curated by Marshall Shorts
Presented by Maroon Arts Group


934 at CMH
Concourse B

On view through March 6th



The Maroon Arts Group (MAG) is a non-profit grassroots organization galvanized to build and provide a platform for community, art, and learning, centered in the cultivation, celebration, and promotion of Black Cultural production and art.


Deliver Black Dreams emerged, initially as a Get Out the Vote campaign led by Marshall Shorts, designer, principal at Artfluential and co-creator of Creative Control Fest. Deliver Black Dreams has evolved into a larger community-wide campaign OF, BY and FOR Black people.
It is a campaign that seeks long-term change in the culture and across multiple
sectors including health, education, culture, safety and more..

“Deliver Black Dreams is about creating a city for ALL of US, where ALL can live abundantly,” said Shorts. “Deliver Black Dreams is more than a campaign. It is a commitment. It is about connecting cultural products such as public art to tangible systemic change that reimagines a world where all of us can thrive. Deliver Black Dreams is centered in a Black voice and affirms that Black Lives Matter AND if they do then we must make a commitment to Deliver Black Dreams.”

Show Statement

Deliver Black Dreams: We Make The Future

Deliver Black Dreams: We Make The Future,” presented by Maroon Arts Group, is an audacious exploration of collective vision and creativity, aiming to construct a city that embraces all, where abundance is not a privilege, but a right shared by everyone. Deliver Black Dreams: We Make The Future” is not just an exhibition; it is a sanctuary of imagination, a forum for dialogue, and a beacon of change. It invites viewers to engage, reflect, and partake in the ongoing journey towards a world where the dreams of all, especially those of the Black community, are recognized, respected, and realized. 

This exhibition stands as a cornerstone of a larger commitment, transcending the boundaries of a mere campaign to embody a movement towards systemic change. Through the lens of public art and cultural expression, “Deliver Black Dreams” seeks to bridge the gap between artistic endeavor and tangible societal transformation, envisioning a future where equity, justice, and prosperity are accessible to all.

At the heart of this exhibition is a resolute belief in the power of a Black voice to articulate and shape a world that acknowledges and acts upon the affirmation that Black Lives Matter. By making a commitment to “Deliver Black Dreams,” Maroon Arts Group invites us into a space where art is not just seen but felt, a catalyst for change that challenges us to reimagine our shared reality.

“Without new visions, we don’t know what to build, only what to knock down. We not only end up confused, rudderless, and cynical, but we forget that making a revolution is not a series of clever maneuvers and tactics, but a process that can and must transform us.”

– Robin D.G. Kelley
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