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September 2023


City Dreams…

Lance Johnson



Jen Wrubleski and Thom Glick


Opening Reception

@ 934 Fest Friday, Sept 8
7 – 11 p.m.

Closing Reception

Saturday, September 23
1 – 3 p.m.

Artist Bios


Lance Johnson

Lance Johnson is a visual artist who is inspired by words. The foundation of each piece Johnson create is the layering of words throughout each canvas. Johnson feels that words of inspiration are the soul of his work. Words have power and Johnson’s goal as an artist is to create art that will resonate positively and evolve with each viewing. For Johnson, the most amazing thing about art isn’t the final piece, it’s the creative process that is unleashed when you look at a blank canvas. Johnson is most passionate about the journey. The process is always most satisfying. For him, it’s all about layers and textures. He looks at a canvas like it’s a wall on say the lower east side. Johnson trys to create layers of history. The way old graffiti is covered by new graffiti and urban decay and torn posters create textures.

He was inspired as a young teen by the Harlem Renaissance, so collaboration is a major component of his artistry.

Johnson was born and raised in NY and it has had a profound effect on his art. the energy, vibrance and movement of the city inspire him. The diversity and soul of the city are celebrated in Johnson’s work.
Art has the power to connect people from all walks of life. Across cultures, languages and borders. To Johnson, art has always been a us over me pursuit. He believes wholeheartedly in the importance of collaboration between creatives. The inspiration that can come from blending styles is immense.

Jen Wrubleski

Jen Wrubleski is an illustrator working at Blockfort Studios as well as a cake decorator and co-owner of Pattycake Bakery. She strives to make her bright and whimsical artwork feel like a playful experience. The viewer is invited in to learn, wonder, and speculate. Jen Wrubleski particularly enjoys creating work that can feel quietly funny and a bit personal, almost like an inside joke shared between friends.


Thom Glick

Thom Glick is an artist and educator currently living and working in Columbus OH. His paintings and drawings, populated with odd characters, bend, break, flatten, complicate and simplify the fantastic and the everyday. His works offer a space for meditation, disarming with humor and inviting viewers to reflect on their inner and outer worlds with a sense of hope, gratitude, and wonder.

Thom earned BFA and MFA degrees in illustration and animation. He is a member of Blockfort Studios and he teaches part time at Columbus College of Art & Design.


Show Statements

City Dreams…

by Lance Johnson

I find inspiration walking through cities. The sounds, the colors, the people… the energy! My work is a reflection of the urban space. It’s part of my DNA.


by Jen Wrubleski and Thom Glick

Jen Wrubleski and Thom Glick have inhabited creative spaces in close proximity to each other for years while creating their artwork in the Columbus creative community. This past summer Jen and Thom had a handful of opportunities to move from working adjacent to one another to in concert with one another, with this joint small works show and mural at 934 Gallery being the culmination of these collaborations.

A connecting thread between the studio spaces that Jen and Thom have occupied over the years is the many impromptu conversations in passing—random and infrequent but seemingly always impactful. Over the past year, they began playing chess together online as an extension of their exchanges. As they gained and lost ground on the board, taking pieces and positions, they did so always with an interest in exploration, encouragement, and growth.

THE MANY SMALL MUSINGS OF GIANTS (mural) developed from Jen and Thom’s chess and conversations. This massive piece of art features a pair of strange beings existing in an unusual world finding an opportunity to communicate via a game they both know. The characters are connecting via games on multiple boards and are conversing adeptly despite confusing and overlapping landscapes containing ample holes in knowledge and understanding.

MIDGAME DISCOURSE (small works) developed as a reaction to the mural. Creating a mural that is so overwhelmingly large encouraged Jen and Thom to explore smaller works in which they each returned to their own styles, materials, and voices. In this return to self, is it possible that each artist has influenced the other? Are these small works simply a deep breath and reset? Or do these works explore the beginnings of new worlds unfolding?

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