Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply to be an artist at 934 Gallery?

Each year, we seek emerging and established artists and curators to exhibit in our indoor gallery space. The application generally comes out in May or June, for the following January through December. Follow us on social media to be notified when the application opens up.

What is a curator?

An individual or organization that wishes to select artists to show and will be the liaison between the curated artists and the gallery.

What is the size of the space?

Please see the floorplan for more information about our physical space. Ceiling height for the main gallery, including glass storefront, and hallway is 13’9”, height of the installation room ceiling is 10 feet.

What kind of art do we show?

934 Gallery features local, national and international artists. The gallery focuses on bringing a fresh perspective to contemporary art through exciting and thought-provoking exhibitions, installations, performances and public art projects.

Does the gallery provide a stipend? 

Yes, all artists who exhibit at 934 Gallery are given a $200 unrestricted stipend.

Does the gallery provide representation? 

No, we are a nonprofit gallery and do not retain an artist catalog or permanently represent artists. We only advertise artists who are currently being shown.

Does the gallery pay for shipping of artist’s work?

The artist is responsible for transport of their work to and from the gallery. If the artist wants to ship their work they are responsible for the transportation costs.

Does the gallery hang the work?

If the artist hangs the work they will be compensated $50 for their time. If the artist cannot hang their work, the gallery volunteers can hang the work.

The gallery will print out title cards and host the show catalog on their website, as well as promote the show through their mailing list and social media accounts.

What is the commission structure?

The artist receives 60% of the price they set, the gallery retains the remaining 40%. The commission period lasts three months after the exhibit closing date.

How are sales conducted?

Most sales of art are purchased through the website, some are conducted in person using our online point-of-sale system (square).

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