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April 2024


Aly Elliot
Loie Greenwood

Opening Reception
Saturday, April 20
7 – 10 p.m.

Closing Reception
Saturday, May 11
12 – 3 p.m.

About Aly Elliot

Show Title ” City Scene”

Artist Statement:

I am a storyteller. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. I have always been fascinated by the relationships of people and places around me. I find myself telling their stories; love, loss, longing. I spent many years painting and many years photographing. I have found my happiest place through combining those loves. Every inch of paint and pixel is intentional. Every element is a part of the narrative. Every look offers another layer to the story. All of it urges a connection to the viewer.


Personally, I am Aly Elliott of Bloomington, Indiana, USA. I’m married to Sam, and we have 6 gorgeous children. We travel, homeschool, and take in every sunset we possibly can. I’ve been a professional photographer and studio artist for 17 years, exhibiting for 33 years, and have had a gorgeous little studio on the town square since we moved here 12 years ago. I have undergrad degrees in Fine Arts and Marketing, as well as a Master of Photography, CPP, Craftsman, and Master Artist degrees from PPA. In 2022, I was honored with 2 Grand Imaging Award finalist images (in Senior portrait and in Master Artist) and am representing the United States at the World Photographic Cup in 2024. I am 5x certified Master by NAPCP in addition to being a proud ASP member and Portrait Masters Associate. I have had the distinct honor of various photography and digital art awards. I am a speaker all over the country, and an exhibiting artist with work all over the world (29 countries so far!). I am a firm believer in having it all.



About Loie Greenwood

Show Title ” FLOW”

Artist Statement:

In rare instances, we find ourselves in perfect sync with the universe, where actions flow effortlessly and time seems to pause. It’s as if we’re speaking a shared language, dancing to a universal rhythm. Whether by hobby, career, or chance, we glide through the space around us, even in the simplest of moments. Perhaps this is why it’s called ‘flow’. This work spans a decade of Loie’s research and photography, capturing people in their natural state of being. Each image serves as a visual diary entry, reflecting his realization that his own state of flow
may be intertwined with capturing others in theirs.


Loie Greenwood is a qualitative researcher and self-taught photographer. He is stung by the notion of lost time and forgotten moments which influences his instinctive, documentary-style approach. Pairing analog cameras with natural light, Loie tries to unveil the wisdom hiding in everyday moments and people.

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